15 March 2010

A Flexible Newsletter System for AetA

After testing for a little while, the organization Architectura et Amicitea has launched her newsletter, developed with Visualspace’s newsletter application, Nieuwsbrief (Newsletter). Until recently, the more than threehundred members would receive their newsletter in PDF format, but until recently they may also receive it as an email.


The newsletter application developed by Visualspaceand built in Django is a flexible system that offers the editors of the AetA website the opportunity to send newsletters to both the general audience and very specific groups of members. The chairman of the organization says: ‘The newsletter application is great when it comes to organizing trips, for example. In the past we had to resort to very awkward means of reaching only the people we needed to reach. Now, we have a system that offers an instant solution to the problem.’

Newsletter has been developed as an open source application. This means that otherv parties are able to use the application as well, and improvements are automatically offered to other users.

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