About Us

About Visualspace

Our aim is to find simple solutions: beauty is not enough. This is why we not only focus on either visual design or technology, but on connecting the two in the smartest way. Simplicity can also be found in the way we work with you; we will be clear about our approach, methodology and cost.

About You

Solutions are often simple. It helps when you think with us. As a client you may expect the best. And you are free to discuss and criticize where necessary. Our aim is to not only satisfy you, but the people you are trying to reach as well.

About the Outside World

The outside world, that’s where the people are that you are trying to reach. That’s why there is a strategy behind every design. Not visual design nor technology is key, but what they are being used for. Who do you want to reach and with what? We will make sure that not only you, but your clients are happy with the results as well.

Kees van Drongelen

Kees van Drongelen is passionate about finding elegant solutions for complex questions. He combines his work at Visualspace with teaching graphic design, typography, and interactive media design.

Erik Post

Erik Post has worked for fourteen years as a creative director in New York for companies such as Razorfish, Greater Than One and imc2. He has a strong client focus, and believes that simple solutions are often the best ones.

Mathijs de Bruin

Mathijs de Bruin has worked with Visualspace as a developer and technologist for almost ten years and became a managing partner in 2012. He graduated in physics and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam in 2010 where he won the New Ideas Contest in 2009.